Person of Peace

Person of Peace

Author: Rich Williams
March 03, 2016

As someone who has been restored and transformed through 3DM and Faithwalking Training over the past 3 years I shouldn't be surprised by God Moments or what we like to call in our discipleship huddles a Kairos Moment.  Kairos is a greek word that means time similar to Chronos, which is sequential time.  Kairos is a specific time when you experience an event that is either positive or negative.  Two weeks ago I had one of these events.

I have been spending time trying to learn from that Kairos Moment.  I used the Learning Circle (learn about that here second “learn more” button).  

Here's the moment in just a few words. 

I was speaking with someone I had just met.  We were getting along and I had a sense of Joy and Peace around this person.  He used the phrase YOLO (You Only Live Once).  

What a great opportunity to share my beliefs about Jesus. 

I said in return, “not everyone believes that”, with all my heart I wanted to say, people believe you can live twice.  But out of my mouth came, "cats have 9 lives".  WOW what just happened.

As I have reviewed this experience and reflected on what was going on and invited my huddle group to use the Learning Circle with me I discovered some power truths I needed.

Truths I Needed To See and the Order I Saw Them:

1 Gal 5:16-18, I was not spending the time I really wanted to in the power and presence of God.  (there is another question I have to ask here later)

2 Maybe he wasn't ready to hear what I had to say.

3 Moving out into enemy territory requires more commitment on our part to be prepared.

4 I may not have lost my opportunity.  A Person of Peace can be a passing relationship (one encounter) or a permanent relationship, which is longer.  Which would this be?  What will I do if I'm in the same situation?

Changes I made due to the truths I saw:

1 Getting my Abiding Rhythm back into balance and back in its proper priority.

2 Praying more during the day for all things.

3 Praying for this person as a person of peace and being prepared to respond if God nudges me.

Well, yesterday I was with him again, almost in the same exact location as two weeks ago.  As I saw him I was nudged to act.  I yelled in the parking lot, "Want to have lunch next week?" he turned and said "Sure".  We exchanged numbers and I asked him to call me about having lunch Monday or Wednesday.

For me this is what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.